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7 DIY Avocado Hair Mask Treatments For Damaged And Dry Hair

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

  1. Some would say it is a tiny fruit, while others put it in the medium fruits category.

  2. No matter where you put it, one thing is certain,avocado is great for your hair.

  3. The main reason why avocado hair mask is so beneficial is that the fruit contains a high amount of monounsaturated fatty acids.

  4. When applied directly to your hair, these fatsmoisturize, nourish, and strengthen your hair

What are the benefits of avocado for hair?

  1. Before we get to some of the popular options for an avocado hair mask, let’s talk about thebenefits of the fruit.

  2. To put it simply, avocado is an excellent ingredient for treating damaged hair and dry hair.

  3. It benefits your hair in a number of ways, including:

The fruit is rich in fatty amino acids (monounsaturated), that can coat your hair shaft and help it retain moistureNatural oils in avocado provide your hair with long-lasting and deep hydrationAvocado also contains a number of vitamins that are beneficial for your hair, including A, B6, D, and Vitamin E. All of this nourish your hair and scalp from withinThe fruit contains minerals like copper and iron that promote healthy hair growthThanks to the high content of vitamin E, an antioxidant, avocado can help prevent hair damage caused by free radicals, ensuring your hair stays healthy for a longer period.

The fruit repairs damage done by conditioningProvides your hair with all the basic essential nutrients for healthy growAvocado can help unclog follicles and stimulate new hair growth

Homemade avocado hair masks

Avocado and coconut oil hair mask

  1. Olive oil is one of the best conditioners on the market.

  2. Because it is light, olive oil will not weight your hair down.

  3. You can notice a difference in your hair softnessafter just the first use.

  4. And because you ad honey, you can seal water into the hair shaft, and reduce moisture loss.

  5. Honey, avocado, and olive oil is the holy trifecta of hair care, especially if you suffer from hair dryness.


1 medium-sized ripe avocado2 tablespoons of olive oil2 tablespoons of raw honey2 drops of lavender essential oil (optional)

  1. How to do it?

Put all the ingredients in a food processor, and blend until you get a smooth and lump-free mixtureApply the mixture to your scalp and hair, and again, focus on the tips of your hair where damage is biggestOnce you have your hair covered with the mixture, cover with a shower cap.Apply heat with a blow dryer for 15 minutes. If you want to avoid the blow dryer, sit out on the sun for 30 to 45 minutesWash your hair with cool water and shampoo, and then apply conditioner.Squeeze out the excess water, and air dry your hair. Repeat this process just once per week.

Avocado and olive oil hair mask

  1. As mentioned previously, olive oil is great in combination with avocado.

  2. If you do not have honey at your hand, these two ingredients are more than enough to helprepair your damaged hair.

  3. Ingredients:

½ ripe avocado1 tablespoon of water2 tablespoons of olive oil

  1. How to do it?

Cut one ripe avocado in half, and scoop the meat with a spoon. Place the half avocado in a blender or food processor. If you have hair that is longer than shoulder length, you need to use one full avocado.And if is very dry and thick, maybe more than one avocadoAdd 1 tablespoon of water to the avocado mixture, and pulse the food processor on high speed until you get a smooth mixture. Usually, it takes about 1 minute. If the mixture is too chunky, add one more or two tablespoons of waterAdd in 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and then mix with the avocado mixtureApply the mask to wet hair with your fingers. Massage it into your scalp, starting from the roots for dry hair, and starting from the ends for damaged hairPull your hair into a bun, and secure it with a plastic clip. Wait for 10 to 25 minutes, and then rinse with cool water.Repeat once per week, or once per two weeks

Avocado, olive oil, and egg hair mask

  1. Basically, when you have avocado and olive oil, you can add any other ingredient, depending on what you need.

  2. For example, eggs contain protein, an ingredient that will help you strengthen your hair.

  3. When you suffer from hair loss, an egg is a good option, as it provides protein and iron, two key ingredients for preventing hair loss and supporting hair growth.

  4. This avocado hair mask will add shine to your hair.

  5. Ingredients:

½ ripe avocado1 egg1 tablespoon olive oil

  1. How to do it?

Cut an avocado in half, and scoop the meat. Put it in a food processor. If needed to, add half a tablespoon of water to loosen the avocado upAdd in one egg and one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Mix all the ingredients together until you get color and texture that are consistent, with no streaks or swirlsWash your hair with a clarifying shampoo, massaging it into your scalp. Rinse the shampoo, and then apply the mask to your hair, starting from the ends. Work towards the scalpWait for the mask to work for 15 minutes, and then rinse off with cool water

Aloe vera and avocado hair mask

  1. When we think of aloe vera, we mostly think of an ingredient that is beneficial for our skin.

But the enzymes in aloe vera also work to repair dead skin cells on your scalp, which ensures healthy hair growth.

  1. In the same time, the avocado will condition and moisturize your hair.

  2. Ingredients:

1 medium-sized ripe avocado2 tablespoons of raw honey2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel1 teaspoon of lemon juice1 teaspoon of coconut oil

  1. How to do it?

Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, and then mix until you get a smooth and lump-free mixture. A food processor works great as wellApply the mixture to your scalp and hair, and put the most focus on the tips of your hairCover your hair with a shower cap, and wait for 20 minutesWash with cool water and shampoo, and then apply conditioner. Repeat just once in two weeks

Mayonnaise and avocado hair mask

  1. When we think of mayonnaise, we think of this unhealthy food nutritionists say to avoid.

  2. But mayo contains vinegar and eggs, two ingredients that help nourish your hair, as well as oils that deeply condition your hair.

  3. Ingredients:

1 cup of mayonnaise½ avocado

  1. How to do it?

Mash the avocado in a bowl, until it is free of lumps. After that, add mayonnaise and continue mixing until you get a smooth mixtureApply the mixture on your hair and scalp, and then cover with a shower cap. Let the mixture work its magic for 20 minutesWash with cool water and shampoo, and finish off with a conditionerSqueeze the excess water out of your hair with a towel, and then allow your hair to air dry. Repeat once or twice per week

Avocado and banana hair


  1. This mask helps you get rid of dull hair.

  2. Banana is rich in minerals and vitamins, same as avocado.

And that helps you nourish your hair.

  1. Ingredients:

1 banana1 medium-sized ripe avocado2 tablespoons of olive oil

  1. How to do it?

Blend the avocado and banana in a food processor. Once you have a nice and thick paste, add olive oil. Continue blending the ingredients for one more minuteSpread the mask on your hair, starting from the roots and moving towards the tipsOnce your hair is fully covered, leave the mask for 20 minutes. Rinse with a mild shampoo

Tips for dry and damaged hair

Wash your hair with cool or lukewarm water to help

seal the hair cuticleDo not towel dry, use towels

only to squeeze the excess water out of your hair

Avoid vigorously rubbing your hair with a towel as it will result in breakage and split endsUse a wooden wide-tooth comb to untangle your hair to minimize breakage Sleep on a silk pillow cover to avoid moisture lossBe easy when it comes to heat styling, as heat is your hair’s worst enemy if you have a dryness problemTake a break from chemical treatments to allow your hair to rejuvenateGet regular trims spaced at 6 to 8 weeks to prevent damage from spreading up.

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